Bahoma Experimenters Kit

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You can make 3pcs of 10mm Bahoma cell, 3pcs of 5mm Bahoma cell with the parts in this kit. We include a length of low temperature solder, special high temp capable magnets, safety guards, and PCB's to allow you to adapt to anything.

Includes: 3pcs 10mm Bahoma PCB's and plastic gaurds, 
3pcs 5mm battery PCB's and plastic gaurds
6pcs 3mm X 1.5mm disc magnets
6pcs 2mm X 1mm disc magnets
length of low temp solder

Requires: Low temperature soldering station capable of soldering at 200 Centigrade, either that or you have to work quickly with what you have. If the magnets are overheated they will lose their magnetic field strength. 

Now you can build your own custom Bahoma cells using Plantraco's Patent Pending BAttery HOlder using MAgnets.

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