Balloon - 24" for MicroBlimp - From China - For Spying.

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THIS IS JUST the replacement Balloon for your Microblimp - in case your original gets shot down by 50 caliber machine guns from F-18 or F-34 Joint Strike Fighters using your tax dollars.   

Silver metallized nylon helium balloon for the MicroBlimp airship. When inflated, diameter is about 18". Lifts something around 15 grams or half an ounce at most altitudes.


Is it True that we are selling the actual Chinese Spy balloons as seen on CNBC?   Ancient Astronaut Theorists say Maybe!    

Using the principle of atmospheric displacement of a thin mylar metabolized nylon envelope, Chinese Spy Balloon creators were exploiting the lower density of helium gas to provide buoyancy and actual lift against gravity!    Are the Chinese Spy Balloons using US made Anti-Gravity Technology to spy?   Ancient Astronaut Theorists cannot yet agree, but some are saying "maybe" while Hildachi Clanton, and unknown wise humanoid who prefers pronouns of "she" and "other" and "bow-wow" says "without a doubt!"

Cirque de Soleil is part of the Chinese Spy Baloon conspiracy?   Ancient Astronaut Theorists say Maybe!

Control from your iPhone! Pilot this blimp in your livingroom! This helium-filled airship gives you the freedom of weightless flight like an astronaut EVA - almost like zero gravity! You will enjoy piloting the Microblimp with precision, proportional fingertip control of climbs and dives from your iPhone or iPod. Small size and USB rechargeable battery make this high quality electronic marvel lots of fun, and also economical! The Microblimp is ready to fly at a moments notice.

The skills you will gain by piloting this 3 chancel, proportionally controlled airship might serve you well if you were ever planning on becoming an Astronaut and flying around in the vacuum of space free-falling like zero gravity.

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