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This 1/48 Semi-Scale profile model can be piloted indoors in any room 20' X 20' Impossibly slow flying speed and ultra low weight make for safe, fun indoor flying, and a very durable model aircraft.

Easy to fly, great for beginners. Classroom Fighters look great in the air and draw a crowd wherever they are flown. Fly in formation with friends or have aerial combat in the gym or outside on calm days. Be the first kid on your block to fly one!

Discover the wonder of precision high quality radio controlled flight at the smallest scales.

This model comes in it's own carrying case (measuring 9x9x2.5in ). It's trimmed at the factory, so all you need is an HFX900 Transmitter, and an LP25 Bahoma cell and you are ready to go flying just about anywhere.

It weighs so little that you don't have to worry much about crashing into things - it weighs less than a sheet of paper at 4 grams - about 1/8 of an ounce!

You can control this receiver from the HFX900 transmitter, or you may wish to consider our HFX900 Monolith Transmitter Buddy Box Module, which can convert your old HiTec or Futaba transmitters to 900Mhz operation. Check out the Monolith here. It plugs right into your old Transmitter and is ready to go in a minute!


just the plane no transmitter or battery included

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