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Low Weight, Relliable, and Affordable. Plantraco’s Sub Gram receivers range from 0.38g up to 0.9 grams, and they control one motor and 2 magnet actuators! The patent pending Bahoma battery connector is another weight savings - no more heavy wire connectors. It’s low weight, and it saves you even more weight as a result of it’s good design. Range of 300 feet or more is no problem, and this is with antennas that measure only a few inches! No more dangly antennas hanging from your model. Frequency change is user selectable on the transmitter - crystal changes are gone forever.

These components can be transferred between your models, and are compatible with all other Plantraco components too. The Deluxe Starter Sets are a great investment for a person who wants to get started in the Micro R/C Flying and Building hobby. RTF planes are great, but it is in building models that you will advance your skills, capabilities and enjoyment.

Magnetic actuators do the work that a conventional servo does in an R/C aircraft. We selected the proven 1.1 gram BSD MiniAct magnetic actuators for our HFX series receivers. There are many R/C airplane designs that can use these powerful and reliable actuators and the new low weight connector plug and socket system means that you won’t have to do any soldering to set up your model - just plug them into the HFX 0.9 gram receiver. You can also have fun by trying your hand at making your own magnetic actuators for next to nothing

Our HFX series receivers are the lightest model airplane receivers ever to be manufactured! Glitches are Gone with pure digital 900Mhz RF link. Crystal changes are gone too - you can select your channel from the transmitter at startup. LED and audible tones report battery status and frequency. Low volt detection is automatic. Antenna only needs to be a few inches, and for indoor flying a 1 inch antenna can work just fine. Several receiver models available from 0.3 gram to 0.9 grams weight. No soldering required for the 0..9 gram receiver with microconnectors. Even beginners can build sub ounce R/C model airplanes with this reliable, tiny, state-of-the-art receiver!!

Fidgeting with your batteries micro connectors can be a huge inconvenience for tiny models. Instead, try Plantraco’s patent pending Bahoma connector - it is a zero force connector, and it does not add extra weight to the airplane with un-needed lengths of (heavy) wire. Bahoma stands for BAttery HOlder using MAgnets, and once you see that you can connect your battery to your airplane or charger in 1 second flat - we think you will agree that our Bahoma battery connector is the way to go for powering Micro R/C models. Bahoma really means Convenience, Safety and ultra low weight Performance! (cell included with HFX R/C Sets)

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